November 14, 2016-Nicaragua

A Life Changing Trip to Nicaragua is scheduled for Jan. 4-11.  Rotarians and guests will have the opportunity to visit the projects that we have developed over the past eighteen years thanks to your generous contributions.  You will be able to see The School of the Children of the Dump, Santa Lucia (children’s house of the blind)  Refugio Belen (pregnant women’s shelter) Betania ( trade school), San Martin Hospital, The Village of Aldea Rotaria, and much more.  If you would to go and would like more information on this trip, please contact Margo Underwood.


November 14, 2016-Stategy Session

At our normal Monday noon meeting, we will hold a Rotary Membership Strategy Session.  Please come to the meeting with ideas regarding membership and the direction you would like to see the club move.